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Our events provide opportunities for startups to meet and connect with key players in the industry. By networking, entrepreneurs will benefit from increasing their startup companies' visibility and finding opportunities to grow their business.


In this event, we will invite 3 CEO/COO who have graduated from famous incubators in North America to discuss about the following topic:

  • Why incubators and how it operates in North America?   
  • Incubator types 
  • Differences among different types of incubators
  • What types of resources are available in incubators? 
  • What is the best timing to approach & enter an incubator?

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On Saturday, June 26th, Asia America Innovation Alliance (AAIA) hosted an informational seminar on the topic of SR&ED. In this event, guest speaker Steven Yang (from YLH Advisory Group), a professional consultant with 10 years+ SR&ED advisory experience, gave the attendees an overview of the program and discussed how programs such as SR&ED can benefit companies…….Read more

On Saturday, May 29th, Asia America Innovation Alliance (AAIA) hosted a legal seminar to take a deep-dive look into the closely-watched case of Google v. Oracle. In this seminar, board member and speaker Dr. Sean X. Zhang discussed the decision made by the U.S. Supreme Court, the reasonings behind the ruling, as well as significance of the case in the software industry………Read more

On Wednesday, April 28th, Asia America Innovation Alliance (AAIA) held its 5th panel discussion of 2021. In this event, guest speakers Professor Steve Liang and Tony Qiu, along with the event moderator, Morgan Guo, shared their insights into starting their technology startups as full-time professors……..Read more

19 Mar

On Friday, March 19, Asia America Innovation Alliance (AAIA) joined hands with Chinese Coffee Club, a nonprofit based in New York dedicated to providing professional lectures and conferences for Chinese communities, to discuss industry trends in 2021. Also in this event, three VC guest speakers shared their unique perspectives on their investment thesis and provided insights into startup fundraising. ……..Read more

On Saturday, February 27th, Asia America Innovation Alliance (AAIA) held its second event of 2021. In this workshop, Shui Luo, a founding member of AAIA and a lawyer at Luo Legal Professional Corporation, took the audience on a deep dive into the dynamics of corporate control and provided practical legal guidance for startup founders……..Read more

On Saturday, January 30, Asia America Innovation Alliance (AAIA) held its first event of 2021, a panel discussion with two guest speakers, Dr. Miles Li of Mightex System and Yigang Yang of WaterStar Capital, hosted by Dr. Sean X. Zhang of AAIA…….Read more

On Wednesday, December 2, Asia America Innovation Alliance (AAIA) held its third event of the 2020 series……Read more

On Saturday, Oct 24th, Asia America Innovation Alliance (AAIA) held its second event of the 2020 series. ……Read more

During this panel discussion, five panelists will focus on three main topics: People, Product and Business. ……Read more

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