About us

As a non-profit organization, AAIA provides a platform for innovative technology startups to connect and network with investors, strategic partners, leading incubators / accelerators, and professional services

what we do

Our mission

Since 2020, AAIA has been supporting Entrepreneurs by offering networking and education opportunities, and connecting with other like minded people. The mission of AAIA is to foster entrepreneurs globally through networking, education and connecting. Dedicated to the virtuous cycle of wealth creation and giving back to the community, AAIA’s focus area is to create and build the next generation of Entrepreneurs.

As a non-profit organization, our mission is to help entrepreneurs in the technology field and guide them throughout their early stage entrepreneurial lifecycle. With a global reach and a local focus, the heart of AAIA efforts lies in Networking, Education and Connecting. AAIA’s ultimate goal is to foster entrepreneurship, create wealth for both Entrepreneurs and our communities.


wHAT you can learn

Our organization is growing very fast. AAIA mainly connects the early stage entrepreneurs with serial entrepreneurs, professionals at leading technology corporations, venture capital, angel investors, and leaders among others. AAIA emphasizes the spirit of giving in all aspects of their work, and generate our next generation of entrepreneurs. 

Our events include professional and networking conference for entrepreneurs. AAIA also hosts other meaningful events to guide entrepreneurs through the difficulties they face in their venture. By discussing with professionals in their own field, entrepreneurs will absorb some invaluable advice.

our team

We believe that our professional team is the driving force at AAIA. Behind every leader, there is a team of powerful players who support, advice, and most importantly, act on those great ideas that came from entrepreneurs' mind. We want to thank our committee members and volunteers for their generous contribution and support.