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Our events provide opportunities for startups to meet and connect with key players in the industry. By networking, entrepreneurs will benefit from increasing their startup companies' visibility and finding opportunities to grow their business.


This event will cover the following topics:

  1. Startup valuation techniques & common pitfalls
  2. Different types of financial instruments in capital raises
  3. Rules around the taxation of employee stock options (ESOP)
  4. Several common examples to help illustrate the ESOP tax rules


This event will cover the following topics:

  1. Startup SAFE investment as an Investment Vehicle
  2. Understanding SAFE Agreements and its clause explanations
  3. Startup Corporation Structure and Tax Implications for Holding SAFE Securities

This event will cover the following topics:

  1. Common Questions About Startup Company Formation
  2. Term Sheet – Key Issues re Venture Financing
  3. M&A Considerstions
  4. CFIUS & Export Control Compliance

This event will cover the following topics:

1. Past and present of CFIUS review

2.Controlled and non-controlled equity investments

3.Introduction of China concept stocks

4.A comparison of the ZOOM structure and VIE structure

Dr. Sean X. Zhang gave a presentation about handling IP ownership on January 27, 2023. IP refers to intellectual property and can be co-owned. Splitting the ownership of IP can lead to complicated and unexpected situations. This presentation explained three cases illustrating how a firm can benefit or lose when the IP is co-owned by A and B, contrary to what would have been expected when people agreed to “share” the IP. This presentation also compared some patent rights in Canada, the USA, and China. The key to handling jointly developed IP is allocating the benefit obtained from IP properly in view of ownership and control allocation.……Read more
On Oct 5 2022, AAIA Youth hosted a VC Talk titled “AgTech/FoodTech/Climate Investment and Innovation & VC Career Path”. We invited the Venture Capitalist at The51, Yuan Shi, as our guest speaker! Yuan Shi is a venture capitalist with The51 Food and AgTech Fund – a $50M fund investing in innovative start-ups with coachable, diverse leadership teams developing technology that transforms the business of food and agriculture with an integrated commercialization approach to sector profitability, sustainable food, and customer-driven innovation. .……Read more
As we all know, the ability to innovate in the field of high technology is the key to promote the market and economic development. With the rapid development of economic globalization and the rise of “counter-globalization”, how can entrepreneurs analyze the situation and seize business opportunities from it?

AAIA Youth is honored to invite David Chen, founding partner of EI Camino Capital, to hold an online seminar on September 22nd to share with us the trends and markets of hardware innovation, globalization and localization of industry chain, and challenges and opportunities in the post-epidemic era…….Read more
In August 2022, AAIA Youth successfully held a seminar titled “Entrepreneurs Speak – Seven Entrepreneurial Insights from Seven Years of Entrepreneurship”, and AAIA Youth was honored to invite Sheldon Zhang, the co-founder of Yardly, to share his entrepreneurial journey with us! The content includes but not limited to choosing the right time to start a business, how to attract customers, financing techniques, team building, key transition, business restructuring, exit strategy, etc.……Read more
On July 16 2022, AAIA Board member, lawyer of Ontario, Shui Luo presented legal tool kit series specifically for startups considering foreign investment funds. The webinar introduced four aspects of foreign funds: 1) source of funding; 2) special requirements of foreign investors; 3) cross boarder restructuring; 4) special deal terms. The information delivered in this webinar and this recap shall not be used as legal advice.……Read more
On July 21st 2022, AAIA is honored to invite the Founder Partner at SAV (Sacle Asia Venture), Wally Wang to discuss investment trends. He will share his insights on how to find investment opportunities in an uncertain global economy? In-depth analysis of artificial intelligence, Web 3.0, Blockchain, software, Saas, biotechnology and hard tech investment opportunities…….Read more
AAIA Youth was honored to host a VC talk on June 15th, 2022, at 9:00PM EDT, featuring Lu Zhang, who is the Founder and Managing Partner of her venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley – Fusion Fund.……Read more
AAIA Youth was delighted to have Dr. Rui Ma, Partner of Frees Fund, to join our event in May of 2022 to discuss cross-discipline entrepreneurial and investment opportunities, current and future biotech startup trends, how investors evaluate biotech projects, and what makes a good investor.……Read more

On April 23, 2022, Mr. Peng Jiang shared on an AAIA webinar his observations and views about blockchain and the new economic models that it brings about, moderated by Mr. Shui Luo…….Read more

On March 19, 2022, AAIA hosted a webinar about success factors for unicorn companies. The speakers are Mr. Chun Xia, Founding Partner of TSVC Venture Capital, and serial entrepreneur Mr. Fuyong Zhao, Founder and CEO of Cassia Networks……Read more


On February 26, 2022, Asia America Innovation Alliance (AAIA) hosted an online webinar to take a deep dive look into some critical issues and strategies in patenting AI. Two honored speakers Yanbin Xu and Yi Yu, along with the event moderator, Li Feng shared their experience and thoughts……Read more


On January 22, 2022, Dr. Sean Zhang, a partner of Dale & Lessman LLP, presented a webinar on intellectual property (IP) basics: “Have an Invention – Now What?” Specifically, Dr. Zhang talked about the value of IP to high-tech companies, timing of patenting, ownership and inventorship, and patent searches, as well as the homework that you should do before you meet with a patent attorney about protecting your invention……Read more


On November 20, 2021, AAIA was honored to have renowned speaker Dr. Zhongwei Chen. Dr. Chen is Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, he is Canada Research Chair Professor at the University of Waterloo. Dr. Chen brought audience a highly engaging talk named “The Future of Electric Vehicles – Battery and Fuel Cells” which was an excellent overview of global trends in technology, industry and market of electric vehicles (EV) and battery technologies……Read more

On Saturday, Ocotober 23th, Asia America Innovation Alliance (AAIA) hosted a legal seminar to take a deep dive look into the regulatory space for medical devices and pharmaceutical industries. In this seminar, two honored speakers Linda Li and Ellen Jiang discussed the regulatory roadmap for each industry, respectively.…..Read more


On Saturday, September 25th, Asia America Innovation Alliance (AAIA) held a panel discussion to take a closer look at the relationship between the Co-founders and legal service providers. In this event, guest speakers Shui, Li, Ted, and Sophia , along with the event moderator, Ling shared their experiences of engaging legal service providers…..Read more


On Saturday, August 28th, Asia America Innovation Alliance (AAIA) held a panel discussion to take a closer look at investor relationship building. In this event, guest speakers Constance and Huayi, along with the event moderator, Alex shared their experiences from the PR and IR perspectives. …..Read more


On July 24th EST, AAIA held an online seminar to discuss how entrepreneurs have benefited from their incubator experiences. Guest speakers Livia Guo, Joseph Wang, and Jack Liu talked about the differences between Northern American incubators. They also shared their personal experiences of CDL, YC, TechStars and other popular incubators…..Read more

On Saturday, June 26th, Asia America Innovation Alliance (AAIA) hosted an informational seminar on the topic of SR&ED. In this event, guest speaker Steven Yang (from YLH Advisory Group), a professional consultant with 10 years+ SR&ED advisory experience, gave the attendees an overview of the program and discussed how programs such as SR&ED can benefit companies…….Read more

On Saturday, May 29th, Asia America Innovation Alliance (AAIA) hosted a legal seminar to take a deep-dive look into the closely-watched case of Google v. Oracle. In this seminar, board member and speaker Dr. Sean X. Zhang discussed the decision made by the U.S. Supreme Court, the reasonings behind the ruling, as well as significance of the case in the software industry………Read more

On Wednesday, April 28th, Asia America Innovation Alliance (AAIA) held its 5th panel discussion of 2021. In this event, guest speakers Professor Steve Liang and Tony Qiu, along with the event moderator, Morgan Guo, shared their insights into starting their technology startups as full-time professors……..Read more

19 Mar

On Friday, March 19, Asia America Innovation Alliance (AAIA) joined hands with Chinese Coffee Club, a nonprofit based in New York dedicated to providing professional lectures and conferences for Chinese communities, to discuss industry trends in 2021. Also in this event, three VC guest speakers shared their unique perspectives on their investment thesis and provided insights into startup fundraising. ……..Read more

On Saturday, February 27th, Asia America Innovation Alliance (AAIA) held its second event of 2021. In this workshop, Shui Luo, a founding member of AAIA and a lawyer at Luo Legal Professional Corporation, took the audience on a deep dive into the dynamics of corporate control and provided practical legal guidance for startup founders……..Read more

On Saturday, January 30, Asia America Innovation Alliance (AAIA) held its first event of 2021, a panel discussion with two guest speakers, Dr. Miles Li of Mightex System and Yigang Yang of WaterStar Capital, hosted by Dr. Sean X. Zhang of AAIA…….Read more

On Wednesday, December 2, Asia America Innovation Alliance (AAIA) held its third event of the 2020 series……Read more

On Saturday, Oct 24th, Asia America Innovation Alliance (AAIA) held its second event of the 2020 series. ……Read more

During this panel discussion, five panelists will focus on three main topics: People, Product and Business. ……Read more

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