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How Satellites have Evolved in the Past Decade

In the past four decades, satellites have been critical to our communication, commerce, GPS and national security. And almost everyone would think satellite business is a key to a country’s development… Read More

Boyi Fan | July 13, 2022

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology transforms cancer diagnosis and sequencing markets

With next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies creating new ways to understand genomic samples faster and more affordably, NGS is transforming medicine… Read More

Claris Gu | July 13, 2022

Innovation of intelligent mechanical prosthesis——Prosthetic technology is on the verge of a major breakthrough

In 2011, you had to wait years after it aired for the boxed version to be released to watch a show in one sitting. To see the latest marvel Universe blockbuster, you either bought tickets or waited months for Netflix to release it. Read More

Xuan Liu | July 13, 2022

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