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Exploring the Future Trend of Virtual Reality (VR)

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Virtual Reality (VR) is a stimulated experience that makes users feel that they are physically in the virtual environment. With specialized headset and input devices, users are able to interact and control the virtual environment. With the development of VR technology and the rise of high-tech market, many companies such as Meta Quest, Sony, HP, Valve are launching their new products or technologies related to VR. In this blog, the upcoming Meta Quest 3 and the future trend of VR will be reviewed. 

Meta Quest 3, the next-generation VR headset of Meta will be launched in September 2023, while the price of the last generation, Meta Quest 2 will decrease. The price of Meta Quest 3 with 128GB is $499.99 USD, while the price of Meta Quest 2 will be lowered to $299.99 USD. Comparing to Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3 has higher resolution, stronger performance, slimmer and more comfortable form factor (Meta, 2023). Meta Quest 3 will double the graphics performance, have 30% leap in resolution of 4128 by 2208 pixels (McMillan & Moore-Colyer, 2023). From the perspective of design, Meta Quest 3 has completely redesigned from Meta Quest 2. It is 40% slimmer than Meta Quest 2. The Controllers are also redesigned due to the progress in tracking technology so that users are able to interact with the virtual world by hands and without controllers, which provides a better experience. There are more than 500 VR games and apps for Quest 3, and more and more new VR and MR games are coming. 

In the future, VR could play different roles in the world. First, VR is widely used in workplace, such as training, remote collaboration, testing and some other innovative uses (Program-Ace, 2023). For example, in the healthcare industry, VR is used for simulating operations and diagnostics; in education industry, it provides trainings for military and pilots. (Future of Work, 2023). During the pandemic, people who work remotely could use VR to simulate the real office and attend meeting with colleagues with body language and facial expressions. Furthermore, development is easier, and the developing speed is faster in the near future. VR helps innovation and designation by using 3D printing, development companies are more likely to cooperate with VR companies. For instance, BMW visualize 3D modelling for designation of cars instead of manufacturing the real car (Future of Work, 2023). Except for that, there are many other different examples. Customers can use VR to try on clothes during online shopping; students can use VR to better understand history or geography; people can use VR to interact with each other in parties and concerts. 


In conclusion, the development of VR takes a crucial step in the advancement of technology. It is gradually changing people’s life from different industries, and it will be one of the most necessary tools in the future. It is worth looking forward to seeing how VR will impact our world. 


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