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How Technology Has Changed the Musical Instruments

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Recently, the fast-developing speed of technology has had many significant impacts on musical instruments. In the past few years, more and more innovation has emerged in both traditional and electronic instruments, becoming familiar to people. This blog will review some examples and provide further explanation.

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In the case of guitars, the Lava Me 3 stands out from traditional guitars due to its technological innovation. Firstly, its body is made of carbon fiber. The strength of carbon fiber lies in its lightness and firmness, ensuring that the guitar is not affected by humidity or temperature. The previous model, Lava Me 2, can withstand temperatures from -20 degrees Celsius to 90 degrees Celsius and humidity from 10% to 90%. Lava Me 3, however, has 30% more resistance than Lava Me 2. Yet, the most attractive feature is the 3.5-inch touch screen. This feature makes the guitar similar to a smartphone and enables it to connect to various apps such as tuners, effects pedals, metronomes, etc. Additionally, Lava Me 3 offers sound effects, recording loops, and practice apps. It includes reverb, delay, recording loops, and five practice modes, including chord changes, scale training, ear training, etc. Moreover, the guitar comes in a variety of colors. There are six colors to choose from, including white, pink, soft gold, blue, red, and space grey. The combination of all these innovative features makes Lava Me 3 a unique music instrument that showcases the advancements in technology.

Technology has also made obvious improvements in pianos. One innovative example is the player piano. A player piano is a real piano that can play music automatically based on disks, CDs, or MIDI files with high accuracy. Digital pianos have also gained popularity in recent years. They not only provide the sound of a piano but also various other instruments. Digital pianos can connect to the internet and other smart instruments for further composition and downloading music. Furthermore, apps have made a significant contribution to the music industry. There are apps that can transform music files into music sheets, as well as download music files from the internet to the local computer, etc.


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In addition to instruments, technology has also had many effects on other aspects of music. Due to the decrease in costs, musicians can now record music at home using home recording software. The development of social media has allowed musicians and artists to directly connect with their fans, making it a platform for musicians to publicize their music. Following today’s media trends, more and more artists are putting more effort into TV shows, movies, and live performances. In conclusion, technology stimulates the growth of music, while innovation plays an important role in driving these advancements. 



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