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The Final Form of Metaverse

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The year 2021 is recognized as “the year of metaverse”, and some people still don’t know what metaverse is until now. In fact, the metaverse is a very open and diversified platform that integrates new technologies including communication, display, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other new virtual and real Internet applications and social forms, and will have a complete economic order and even a political system in the future, a digital world that can be operated online in real time.

Why is the metaverse so revolutionary? There are two important features – decentralization and self-evolution. The current Internet companies use existing technologies to build a virtual world with immersive experiences as the core, trying to create a “classical metaverse”. For the real metaverse, it is not about building a virtual world with the same reality, but about thinking out of this way and creating a more imaginative universe that transcends the laws of physics and does not exist yet.

Blockchain gives infinity to the metaverse. The birth of blockchain technology is shown to be very useful in the economic, financial fields. It is now also gradually expanding into the web3 domain, thus coming into the metaverse. This technology makes the metaverse fundamentally different from traditional games. While traditional games aim to win, infinite games aim to continue the game, never ending. The key to infinite metaverse games is colorful and engaging content, which is the biggest dilemma facing the metaverse, and it requires all participants to build, create, govern and share. In fact, the ultimate form of the metaverse is an “infinite game”, a new world that breaks the boundaries, subverts the rules, and constantly iterates and evolves.


The decentralized “crypto metaverse” is the cornerstone of the development. In the crypto metaverse, both the technological infrastructure and the various popular cultures see decentralization as an indispensable part, and the culture uses the technology as a carrier to spread around the world, without which the metaverse is not fundamentally different from a massively multiplayer online game.

In order to ensure the continuation of the infinite game of the metaverse, the book sets out the “three laws of the metaverse”: metadata cannot be modified, space translation is unchanged, and time translation is unchanged. In layman’s terms, the data cannot be modified and can always be traced back to the source, the account balance under the metaverse can also be used in other platforms, and the money deposited many years ago can also be used today. In addition, it can also be applied to property rights, digital goods, paintings, music, and can also guarantee people’s rights through a smart contract. A complete business economic system is also needed as an indispensable step in the development of the meta-universe.

An infinite game, an infinite life. The metaverse is not a stereotype, but a living organism built and shared by users. Perhaps the metaverse is not developing as we predicted, but it is supposed to be a blueprint shared and co-created by all people, a Genesis with collective human participation.”


Post-Reading Thought on the Book:

“THE METAVERSE : And How it Will Revolutionize Everything” by Matthew Ball